Valentines Day is my favorite holiday...I love all year round, but because of this special day I get to post this...
this man made the first move, this man said i love you first, this man got down on one knee, this man can make me laugh when i'm in a bad mood, this man knows when i need to cry and gives me his shoulder, this man gives me long hugs for no reason, this man plays footsies with me when we go to bed, this man gives me butterflies when i see him after a long day, this man asks for my advice, this man understands me, this man knows me, this man loves me and i love this man.

this boy took a long time coming, this boy is my first, this boy cuddles at night, this boy likes to play with my hair, this boy dances when music plays, this boy loves cars and four wheelers, this boy loves the water, this boy runs and screams, this boy loves brocoli, this boy makes me laugh, this boy makes me cry, this boy makes me learn, this boy loves me and i love this boy.

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