quiet moments

{the sunshine begged us to come out and play...so we met it in our backyard} 

We watch a lot of Disney movies in our home...and frequently.  'Up' being our movie of choice today. I listened to Russell tell Carl about eating ice cream with his dad on the curb in front of Fenton's counting the red and blue cars as they drove by..."That might sound boring, but I think the boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most." It made me think of the 'boring stuff' I remember.  Warm sunshine days playing tag with my sibs in the front yard while my mom sat on the front porch watching us....late nights in a warm quiet home playing video games with my brother and my dad.  Russell was right.  I remember the boring stuff but the boring stuff is the stuff I remember {fondly}.  What will my kids remember?  Will they {fondly} remember these simple quiet times playing in the backyard, reading stories, doing puzzles?  Will they remember the times I hold them and cuddle them?  If anything I hope they remember I love them oh so much.

from me to you {enjoy}

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  1. Very sweet! Is Tegans hair growing out? CUte kiddos!