and the girl turned 1

little miss sassy pants nevan turned 1...a cupcake party was to be had
there were cupcake invitations delivered
there were cupcake goodie boxes to be made {found here}
there were banners to be hung
there were handmade rosette headbands and pretty bracelets to be given
there was food and cupcakes to be eaten
and there was one little candle to be wished upon

what i want her to know:
* i love her more than anything
* i love that she is a mama's girl {even though it drives me nuts sometimes}
* i love her cheesy grin and her sassy 'tude
* i am so grateful i had a girl {even though i was nervous to have one}
* i will always love her no matter what
from me to you {enjoy}

1 comment:

  1. You are very crafty and creative. Looks like a very cute party.