holy crud....it's been almost a year since my last post.  honestly i was going to wait til june to post...and then try to be a little more regular, but i thought, what the heck, i'll post something today. 
*    *    *
today, may 8th, is my little man's birthday.  he is four.  four!  i can remember the day he was born, all the goings on...the pushing!  the moment i held his little body in my arms for the first time, and all the days following.  peaceful days of falling asleep with him on my chest.  now he is four, and a little man.  he says the funniest things.  where did you learn that?  shrug of shoulders and roll of eyes.  he is intuitive, funny, creative, sweet, and a good boy.  i really lucked out with this one.  he drives me nuts sometimes.  but always redeems himself with some comment that makes me think he has a lot of wit for a little guy.  and he cuddles.  loves to cuddle.  i hope that lasts.  my little dude is four....

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  1. i love when you write.
    do it more.
    four is my favorite.
    love, lindsay