license and registration please

This is how my side mirror looked Monday morning...Ordinarily I am up and at work around 7, but this particular morning I had to go pick up our sitter. No problem, I'll just go to work a little late. But, as I always am, I was late getting out of the house. So when I turned onto Sandifur leaving my neighborhood, I sped up to the normal speed limit of 35. The infraction? I was in a school zone...during school hours. Whoops. As soon as I saw the officer in his car pointing that huge radar at me, I knew I was a goner. And sure enough he pulled up behind me and turned on his pretty lights. I was very nice, and admitted my fault. But the dirty bugger gave me a ticket anyway and told me to 'have a nice day ma'am'. Yeah, great start to the day. I had no time to wallow in my shame. I was late picking up the sitter, remember? I had called Thomas while I was waiting inpatiently in my car, so when I returned home to drop off the sitter, I got the one finger 'WAIT' before I left for work. Great. Thomas wanted to know if I got a ticket and what happened. Then he wanted to know how much the ticket was for...'I don't want to tell you, you'll be mad at me.' $271 dollars, so yes, he was mad. The lesson for today is...don't speed in a school zone. I need a second job to pay for this one.


  1. Jake has a great lawyer that gets him off the hook everytime. Sure, you have to pay $200 for them to fight your ticket. BUT, it doesn't go on your record and your insurance company will never know about it! No rate hikes. Sorry it happened though...ugh!

  2. Hi Nicole,

    I saw on your Facebook page that you have a blog and thought I'd come take a peek ;)

    Sorry you got pulled over and got the ticket. Those school zones are a big one. On one hand, it makes me happy that they are trying as hard as they can to protect the kids, but on the other, people make mistakes and when they fess us to it like you did, they should be given a break.

    Your blog looks very cute.

  3. That bites!!! You can do a deferment where if you don't get another ticket for a year, it doesn't go on your record. I don't think you need a lawyer to do it.

  4. I did that same thing right before we moved from colorado! Except mine was a construction zone. It was about that same amount of money and like 4 points..... ouch!! I'm still paying for it cause it made my insurance go up too!! Stupid!! Sowwy!!

  5. Lame!!! So sorry to hear that! Wow, that is a lot. They are serious about those school zones!