The resemblance is uncanny...My sweet little boy is turning into Taz.

Gone are the days Tegon sits quietly in his stroller, enjoying the world slowly pass...
gone are the days Tegon plays with his baby toys joyfully...
gone are they days he smiles and laughs at papa and mama's attempts at baby humor.
Really, where did he learn to give attitude?
Where did he learn to talk back?
Where did he learn to jerk his body in an attempt to tell us to leave him alone?
Is this pre-programmed in boys' little brains?
I'm going to have to reset this program...we're not diggin' it.
Tegon is officially a little boy...a little too soon for me, but definitely a boy.

I paid my ticket last Thursday. I felt so ashamed when I watched the lady pen 'speeding in school zone' on the paperwork. I could feel the fingers pointing while whispers of, 'Can you believe that?' circled around my brain...'And she has a child! She should know better.' Yes, I know better! I'm an awful person. And I have learned my lesson. No more speeding...in school zones.


  1. the ticket thing sucks, I constantly forget when I go up there. Yea my boys been throwing some good fits lately, I'm really not ready for it especially since I have 3 other fits to deal with daily!

  2. Haha...fits. Good word for the child. Maybe I'll start calling him that, I WAS going to go with Taz. It's funny now...wait until he gets older, right? Hopefully by then he'll use his words, the right words that is. smile.

  3. Ah, Taz. that's so funny! So true too. My little Sean used to be sweet too... and he still is sometimes. Thankfully my little Addison is still sweet. I'm holding on to that as long as I can!
    So when are we scrapbooking again? That was so fun!