merry merry

A merry merry to all...may your Christmas be joyful and your New Year be bright.

Christmas growing up always meant lots of family, Christmas music, food, and warmth. When I got married I wanted the same for my home so my kids grew up feeling the magic of Christmas and throughtout the years Christmas has grown for the McMasters.

On our first Christmas there was no tree. So I made one out of green construction paper and star stickers with a little white bow on top...and I taped it to the wall. And at the base of this paper tree taped to the wall was a wooden nativity my mom had given me and a bowl full of red and silver Christmas ball ornaments that Thomas bought me that year. We woke up that morning and had Christmas just the two of us, our first Christmas together.

On our third Christmas we were far from my family...we had moved to Pasco. With every sappy Christmas commercial portraying family laughing over egg nog in a warm house while snow fell outside I became more and more sad that I wasn't going to be by my family. Thomas knew too. He bought me a tree, no more construction paper tree, it was fading anyway, construction paper doesn't hold up too well. And my Mom sent me Garth Brooks Beyond the Season...it represented Christmas...and I cried when I played it. But I had Thomas, and I had a tree...and we had a good Christmas.

On our sixth Christmas we had a baby boy...and Christmas was magical again. Tegon didn't know what was going on, and was indifferent to the brightly colored packages with his name on them, but we had a baby of our own to create a home with family, Christmas music, food and warmth.

So whether you have a construction paper tree or a fake prelit tree...Christmas is what you make of it...and we hope yours is full of joy. Merry Christmas!

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