out with the old...

...in with the new. Ok, I'm back. Baby No.2 threw me for awhile...but I'm back. Remember the 'thing' I was trying to find. Found it. So here's a recap.

I'm becoming better at the 'mom thing'. I still yell. I've excepted the fact and I think my kids have too. They just yell back. It's just how we communicate...but we also talk, and laugh, and play, and dance, and snuggle. So if you happen to stop by my house and hear me yelling? Yeah, keep knocking, I'll hear you eventually. I asked my hubby the other day if I was a good mom...he said I was doing everything right except that I needed to relax. So I guess I haven't learned patience yet, but it was good to hear that from my love. I guess I am doing something right if my kids are still alive and healthy with some laughing, kissing, and an understanding of when mom means business.
I'm becoming better at the 'wife thing'. I'm still sensitive, that won't change. But I talk more now...my hubby says I'm sassier. At least I don't blow up over the shorts on the floor any more. We have been able to talk more, laugh more, kiss more, and have an understanding. Our road will always have rough patches, but at least they are patches, and we've been able to ride over the bumps somewhat easily.

I'm becoming better at the 'friend thing'. I still don't take the initiative all that often. But I have been 'dropping' by...sorry ladies that's how I roll. And it's been good. I've really felt the love that all you good ladies have out there to share. And I think it's helped with the mom and wife thing. I know it has.

I'm becoming better at the 'cook/baker thing'. I've tried a few recipes...some good, some not so good. But I've heard 'Thanks babe, that was good' more often. That's an improvement.

I still don't have a sewing machine...but I have a real interest now...and I'm waiting for the awesome JoAnn's deal to roll around (yeah, I've even signed up for coupons, that's definitely an improvement).

And my happy place...awww, my happy place. Crafting. I've done quite a few actually. And I have found so many blogs that I can't wait to try the craft but I've got to finish the 3 on my dining room table first.
All in all....I'm good. We're good. And thanks to all of you for your support. You know who you are.

from me to you {enjoy}

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  1. Makes me want to do some crafts too! To find the time right?