lets eat

dinner.  the bane of my existence.  however, pinterest has me getting some 'yum's at home. 
now meet my husband.  

isn't he handsome?  i think he is.  and do you see that beautiful brown skin?  yeah, it's the puerto rican and greek in him.  did you hear me?  the puerto rican and greek.  that means this man has grown up with some serious grub.  and i know this because he has asked me to learn how to cook like his mama.  you know what i say to those hazel eyes?  have you looked at me lately hon?  i'm a white girl.  i can make a mean hamburger off the grill and some home cooked french fries.  but for the love of love i've been trying really hard to satisfy his tastebuds...and i'm sharing a few good eats with you.  {via pinterest of course.}  they are not greek, or puerto rican, but they are good.  hubby approved.  kids approved...and they inherited his tastebuds.

grilled bruschetta chicken
key west grilled chicken
crockpot chicken fajitas
raisin oatmeal cookies
now click on my pinterest link...go on.  all recipes are on my 'food' board. and they are worth it...so repin.  repin and prepare for the yum's to ensue.  your welcome.

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