2 kids, 32 weeks, and 10 years later...
those years are like notches 
some battle wounds, some love taps
either way they are ours
each year better and better, each year more and more love

looking back on our road...i marvel
who would have thought that chance meeting would take us here
who would have thought those years of figuring it out would bring us to this
no one
but it did, and i'm proud, and i'm grateful, and i'm more in love then ever

happy anniversary to us


  1. Nicole you need to stop being so gorgeous, it makes all the rest of us jealous! Hope your pregnancy is going well, did you find out what sex the baby is?

  2. just read back on your last few posts... you are such an artist. you're really gifted. i like you even more. let's be friends. :)

  3. Charith...I accept. I think you are totally my kind of peeps. And thanks.

  4. happy anniversary, lovebirds!