the word 'mom'

sometimes i look around at this little life we've made...and i get this lightening bolt of awe.  this man that i fell in love with.  a chance meeting that turned into a relationship, and then a marriage, and then a family.  a home.  2 kids.  a boy, and a girl.  little people that call me 'mom'.
i stand a little stunned sometimes.  it takes me a second to realize they are talking to me.
mom, c'mere.  mom, help me.  mom, watch this!  mom, can i have some chocolate milk?
that word gets me every time {well, almost every time...}.  these two little beings were trusted to me by my heavenly father to love.  and call ME mom.  goofy, funny, sweet, adorable, trying kids.
mom, i love you. yep, get's me every time.

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