march was a busy month…and i did something i never thought i would do.

i sewed, people!  this is a big event.  and this is what i made…my first. time. ever.

and i loved every minute of it…even when i had tension problems.  with the bobbin, not myself. 
and no, i'm not pregnant and expecting a boy.  these were for my sweet friend who is expecting her first…and i'm so excited for her!

i realized something while doing these little projects.  i need this.  i need to create.  to make.  
i created 3 little people {with the help of mr. m}, and they were the best 'things' i could create.  
but i need an outlet.  along with the whining and crying and busying of house duties, i need something to do that is for me…something that makes me feel special in a different way other then being a momma. it's good for the soul, and i highly recommend taking some time out and doing something that makes you feel special.  we take care of everyone else, sometimes you need to take care of yourself.  

and one more thing.

sometimes you need to be just a mom.  create memories with your little 'things'.  because the best feeling in the world is doing something that makes your sweet little boy sigh with contentment and say, 'this was a good day.' my women friends…being a mom is important.  the most important thing you will ever do.  oh there will be mistakes. for. sure.  but it is a divine gift…


  1. You sowed people? .....AH, that's scary, are they like zombie types?


  2. Love every word of this post. You are dead on! Great job on your first sewing project--adorable!