I have been thinking about my April post for some time.  And while sitting on my couch, in a rare moment of solitude and peace, scrolling through social media, I came upon this little nugget:

The level of attack you're under tells you two things.  First, it tells you how valuable you are to God in your assignment and second, it tells you the level of blessing that is waiting for you when you get through this attack. - Jentezen Franklin
{thanks for posting this Jen}

While I don't know who Mr. Franklin is, his words resonated with me.  I've been struggling lately. Feeling a little tired, and a lot overwhelmed, and not really understanding why I was feeling how I was feeling.  I had prayed, and gone to church, and felt peace…but the feelings would creep back in - no, wait - the feelings would slam back up on me come Monday.  

So when I read this…literally just moments ago.  It hit me.  It's so simple really.  And I realized it was what I understood to be true all along and that is why I have been plugging away.  My trials have been hard, for me.  I've been under attack.  But the Lord is watching over me, knows I can handle it, and in the end?  Sweet victory.  Blessings that I will appreciate so much more, because I earned them. 

Ok…enough life lessons.  I made this adorable onsie for my lovely friend and her soon to be only girl in a house full of boys.  It's sewn from a mens' tee. I found the tutorial here.  I made her two…this one from a new tee for practice, and the second from her hubbies well loved tee.  How special is that?  

{just a little sneak peek lovely L}

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