june was mr. m's and my anniversary month…

12 years.  i can't look at this man and think of just us on our anniversary.  i look at this man and think of the husband and father he has become.  and i love this man.
12 things i have learned…

1. communication:  it's always number 1, right?  but it's reality.  good, bad, ugly.  it needs to be said.  mr. m is not a mind reader, and i'm not either.   but you've got to say when you're happy, when you're mad, when you're sad, and when you agree, or when you don't.  say what you need to say.

2.  romance:  just because you're married doesn't mean you don't try any more.  date the heck out of each other.  flirt.  do nice things for each other.   say 'i love you' randomly.  if you feel like giving him a kiss, do it!  i might give him a dirty look when he grabs my butt while i'm cooking dinner, but i secretly love it.  want each other, need each other.

3.  support:  in everything.  even if your scared.  even if you don't 100% agree.  in marriage, in parenting, in life. be enthusiastic, be subtle.  whatever it is, show confidence.  you're partners.  that's what you do.

4. have fun: period.

5.  laugh: period.  i like to say that we laugh with each other a lot.  and this is one of my favorite things about us.

6.  perfection:  he isn't perfect.  but neither am i.  stop trying to make each other perfect.  we have faults.

7.  comparing:  the grass isn't always greener on the other side.  some else's husband or wife might do something better…but it doesn't mean they do everything better.  and just because someone is going through a similar situation, it doesn't mean the outcome will be the same.  

8.  disappointment:  i don't always make mr. m happy.  but he doesn't always make me happy either.  and our expectations are not always fulfilled.  but if we are trying and doing the best we can…that is all we can expect from each other.  be happy with that.

9.  rough roads:  they happen.  and they suck.  but if we hold hands and walk the road together, we'll make it.  and we have.  time and time again.  don't give up.  

10.  acceptance:  like perfection, accept the faults.  they will drive you nuts sometimes, but it is what it is.  some get better with time, some don't.  you married each other for a reason.  

11.  family:  his are not my blood, and mine are not his blood.  but respect that they are blood.  be kind, be polite, be respectful.

12.   lessons:  more lessons will come.  i will learn from some, and some i will have to learn over and over.  and just because we have to learn them does not mean that the marriage is doomed.  communicate, be romantic, have fun, laugh, accept…hold hands.  

i've got him, and he has got me.  and together we have 3 beautiful children that we have to set an example for.  set an example of a good marriage, of what's acceptable and what's not.  

so mr. m?  i've got to say that we are headed in the right direction.  and i love that we continue to grow together.  i love you too much my one and only.


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