oh my we were busy in july…lots of fun with family and friends.
a family reunion at bear lake.
a lot of camping.
and lots of fun on a boat with just the 5 of us.
a trip to seattle to visit gamma and gampa.

during this trip to seattle i was talking with my sister…and i told her this:

i think i need to be around my family.  it makes me the most happy.  like, i need to be around my family to really be who i am.

i'm here, in this little home, with my family of 5, in this little city.  and it's good.  we are good.  i have plenty of good friends.  and good fun with them.  i laugh.  a lot.  but my family is my family, and i need to be with them.  they know me.  they love me.  they are my tribe.

my sister asked me:

what are you going to do?

and i replied:

oh i don't know.  what can i do.  i'll just have to visit a lot.

so to all you who are in my tribe, know that i need you.  that you are loved.

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